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Medical Equipment


  1. iView 5

    • Add-on 3D/4D Ultrasound Imaging System which acquires 3D volume image by being added to existing 2D ultrasound systems.
    • Simple Operation, Fast working, Supreme Image.
    • Cost effective and easy upgrade 2D ultrasound into 3D.

    iView iView


  3. iView 5

    Live 3D System iView5 Other 3D System
    Live 3D System iView5 Other 3D System
    Need to replace existing U/S system & High Cost Motion-Sensing System is installed outside.

    Reuse existing U/S system & Additional cost for 3D/4D only
    No Motion-Sensor.
    (Free-Hand Scanning)


  5. 6 different way of volume display


    A, B, C plane + 3D


    A plane + 3D


    C plane + 3D


    Full 3D


    A, B, C plane + 3D niche


    Full 3D niche


  7. Benefit (Multi Slice mode)

    Tomographic view of 2D slices in each of Sagittal, Coronal and Transverse direction.



  9. iView 5 -Summary




iView5 TM Solution Package for Laptop (FULL VERSION)
  • iVIew5 S/W Setup CD
  • Laptop
  • Mobile Desk
  • Motion Sensor
  • iView external box
  • Cables and Changers
  • User manual
  • Training Tutorial CD
  • Foot switch
  • 1:1 3D Education



img/medical equipment img/medical equipment

X-ray Machine

• Digital X-ray Systems
• Equine Portable Digital Systems
• Veterinary Digital X-ray Systems

Ultrasound Machines

United Leasing has one of the biggest inventories of new and refurbished ultrasound machines that you will find anywhere online. We have the best prices on ultrasound equipment manufactured by HP, Toshiba, Sonosite, GE, Philips, Acuson and more than a dozen other brands. We can also help you save money on ultrasound transducers and ultrasound probes at the lowest cost. To get the best deal on a quality ultrasound system, contact us today for a low price quote.


Our systems can be configure according to your needs

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