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You “NEVER” pay your employees a full year salary up front, why should you pay for the equipments that way?

We have specialists in both Financial and Manufacturing Industries. Understanding your business needs and providing solutions with top customer service are our goals.

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  1. Tax Benefits Lease payments may be 100% tax deductible.
  2. Fixed Rates Lease payments are fixed, not adjustable with floating interest rates
  3. Conserves Capital Leasing your equipment conserves valuable working Capital
  4. Commercial Credit Leasing will establish and build your business credit
  5. Low Down Payment Instead of the 10%-20% that banks require, two payments and a one time documentation fee is all that is required
  6. Flexible Payment programs Leasing provides more flexible terms and programs than bank financing
  7. Off Balance Sheet Financing 99% of the time, leasing will not show up on personal Credit statements unless in default