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Welcome to United Leasing Distributions

Your One-Stop Shop for Turnkey Packaging

United Leasing & Distributions, Inc. is the one-stop shop solution to all your equipment purchasing and leasing needs.

We are a national company with professional and knowlegeable staffs that have access to nation wide vendors & lenders who bring your projects to reality.

Our reputation in the industry is second to none and we stand behind our clients from start to finish.  Weather you are considering purchasing or leasing “Existing or New Equipment” we can help you with the best prices and the most competitive rates as well as professional service by our experienced staff.

By submitting your credit application we can usually have an answer for you within 24 hours.

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Business Equipment

In the business industry anyone knows that quality and service is the main substance to attract new customers. Running a successful business is more than simply providing a good product. When you are running a business and you are a part of a very competitive industry, you need every advantage you can get.

Medical Equipment


medical equipment medical equipment

X-ray Machine

• Digital X-ray Systems
• Equine Portable Digital Systems
• Veterinary Digital X-ray Systems

Ultrasound Machines

United Leasing has one of the biggest inventories of new and refurbished ultrasound machines that you will find anywhere online. We have the best prices on ultrasound equipment manufactured by HP, Toshiba, Sonosite, GE, Philips, Acuson and more than a dozen other brands. We can also help you save money on ultrasound transducers and ultrasound probes at the lowest cost. To get the best deal on a quality ultrasound system, contact us today for a low price quote